The Healing Power of Apples

In “The Healing Power” series we explore the nutritive properties of specific types of foods. You might not consider the benefits (or detriments) of the foods you put into your body everyday, but whole foods have a powerful impact on the overall health of your entire system. Today, we explore the healing power of apples.

Apple: The sweet, pomaceous fruit of a deciduous tree in the rose family. Throughout history, apples have been the symbol of fertility and forbidden fruit. These days most people view it as a healthy treat. Apples are a good source of fiber, and can help control hunger.


Nutrients: Apples provide about 10% of the daily RDA of vitamin C, and they’re a good source of fiber. They also contain high amounts of polyphenols (especially in the skin), which are powerful antioxidants.

Healing Properties:

The next time you eat an apple, remind yourself of how much good it does for your body!


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