Research Roundup: High Fat, Bad Sight, and Size Matters

Research Roundup: High Fat, Bad Sight, and Size Matters | Heal It With Food

Here are a few links to recent studies and clinical trials on human health.

When it comes to food packaging, size matters. If larger portion sizes were not offered, energy intake by people could be cut by 29%, drastically reducing excess calories consumed. Never utter the phrase “super-size me”!

Your optimal diet may be determined by genetics. Inuit people have some unique genetic mutations that allow them to adapt to diets high in omega-3 fats. If you ever tried a high fat diet that it just didn’t seem to work for you, the answer may reside in your genes.

Just another reason to avoid type 2 diabetes. In a study lead by Hollekim-Strand et al. 10 individuals with type 2 diabetes were contrasted with 10 control individuals to compare how fast food affected cardiovascular risk post meal, along with monitoring if exercise prior to the meal affected the outcome. The fast food affected both groups, but the people with type 2 diabetes had “prolonged elevations in resting heart rate and indications of prolonged elevations in diastolic workload (peak early diastolic tissue velocity) as well as reduced systolic blood pressure after fast food consumption.” And the exercise didn’t help.

Keep your sight into old age by controlling inflammation. Not surprising, diet, exercise, and smoking interact synergistically with a genetic predisposition to increase the odds of developing age-related macular degeneration.

Blood pressure recommendation lowered. For people in their 50’s with high blood pressure and an additional risk factor for heart disease, shooting for the recommendation of 140 mm Hg systolic pressure might not be low enough to avoid cardiovascular disease.  A landmark clinical trial conducted by the NIH showed that a blood pressure of 120 mm Hg was associated with a significant reduction in cardiovascular disease, and lower risk of death.

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